Dear colleagues!


  Our journal is one of the few specialized periodical publications devoted to the critical medical and social problem – Glaucoma and combined ophthalmic pathology. The journal has been published since 2002 & over these years it has found its readers and was recognized among ophthalmologists dealing with a variety of medical problems besides Glaucoma.

We have always tried to publish materials which would be of interest both to research assistants and medical practitioners: fundamental and applied research results, analytical articles, lectures and reviews.

Nowadays Russian science is facing the necessity of integration into the international society. Much attention is devoted to the citedness of Russian publications. In this regard, our editorial staff decided to register in the international databases Scopus and PubMed for 2014. As a result, a number of alterations is about to be made considering the requirements for the published articles, reviewing procedures and the concept of the journal itself.

  For this reason we changed the title. Since 2014, it will be released as "National Journal glaucoma" (Natsional'nyj zhurnal glaukma).

We are constantly refining our journal, making it even more interesting and useful for our readers and we sincerely rely on their support and cooperation.


Editor-in-Chief, Med.Sc.D., prof. V.P. Erichev